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Elmo Greer and Sons LLC
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About Elmo Greer and Sons LLC
Elmo Greer and Sons LLC is family-owned and operated right here in East Bernstadt, KY. Other companies may offer similar services, but our services are the best, and come with a personal touch. No other Company can provide the quality of service offered by Elmo Greer and Sons.

"where there's a will there's a way"
Elmo Greer was living proof that with faith in God and hard work, sweat and determination, anything is possible. 

Elmo Greer was a native of Clay County, KY having a 7th grade education and working on the family tobacco farm in Foggertown. Elmo had a dream to run a buisness and make a name for the family. Elmo and his brothers, Warren and Willy, and their friend Don Young, started Greer Brothers and Young in 1949. Later after selling the company and thinking of retiring, he started G&G, for his sons: Rex, Sam, Jerry, Elmo Lee, and Lanny and his daughters: Phyllis and Karen. Naturally he worked with his children to build a company that would grow to change Laurel County as they knew it. He just couldn't quit, he loved to be active in the community and the buisness world. Even though he greatly enjoyed his profession, he enjoyed nothing more than the time spent with his wife Agnus and his family, and his church.

Throughout Elmo's life he had many achievements and started many companies. By the time of his death he had become a real living legend of his time. Some of his achievements and companies were: President and Founder of Greer Brothers and Young, Founder of G&G (now Elmo Greer and Sons renamed in his honor by his children), Founder and Contributor of and to Grehan, Haulers, Jimco, Jasper Iron and Metal, and Cumberland Valley Insurance Management, Director and President and Chairman of the Board at both Cumberland Valley National Bank and Trust, and First National Bank of Manchester. He was Chairman of the Deacons at New Salem Baptist Church, and a Trustee. He was a faithful servant to his country by being a representative to the United Nations, as well as a loving husband, father, grandfather and great grandfather. Elmo went down in history as a real man among men.

Elmo Greer died of long term illness in 2000, but is survived by his family of 1 sister,7 children, 14 grandchildren, and 29 great grandchildren.

Sister: Opal Benge (worked as the book keeper for Greer Bothers and Young, always supporting her brother giving him love and support through all his endeavours.)

Children:  Rex Greer, Phyllis Greer, Sam Greer, Jerry Greer, Karen Greer, Elmo Lee Greer and Lanny Greer.

Grandchildren:  Lisa Bustle, Janie Greer, Greg Greer, Jason Greer, Angie Buckles, Samantha Woods, Stacy Greer, Todd Greer, Whitney Sisson, Sarah Mizuguchi, JR Greer, Kaitlyn Greer, Kristen McCowan and Josh Greer.

Great Grandchildren:  Garth Bustle, Liza Bustle, Emilia Bustle, Alex Lewis, Jake Greer, Hannah Greer, Olivia Greer, Ethan Greer, Eli Greer, Nellie Buckles, Sammie Buckles, Cash Buckles, Delaney Woods, Lila Greer, Eleanor Greer, Ava Greer, John Stokes, Thomas Stokes, Drew Stokes, Gage Mizuguchi, Colt Mizuguchi, Zach Mizuguchi, Addison Greer, Nicolai Greer, Saylor Greer, John McCowan, Jackson McCowan, Cooper McCowan and Avery Greer.​


Today his legacy, and dream is not forgotten and his company lives on and is managed by his children and grandchildren. Rex, Jerry and Elmo Lee, (Children)
Greg, Todd, and JR (Grand Children)